The Audi RS6

The RS6 takes its place among a long line of high performance Audis. Interior and exterior enhancements improve the car’s performance and drivability, combined with the right engine choice Audi delivers one excellent automobile.

The RS6 provides adequate seating for five. Cabin space is decent and most passengers should be comfortable. The car comes standard with air conditioning and climate control, electric windows, and an optional sun roof is available. Audi also offers an impressive warranty package wit the RS6.

The RS6’s engine is a 4.2-litre V-8 that is more than adequate to power the car. The 4.2-litre V8 has been improved with the addition of direct injection and with custom-made internal parts to greatly increase the engines output.

The car has all the usual safety features included, and boasts good handling and steering. The car’s enhancements have improved the RS6’s driving capabilities and have made it more refined than its predecessor. The noted improvements combine making for a better overall driving experience.

Inside the RS6 the stylish seats adjust for maximum comfort and support. Inside, the cabin boasts many high-level standards, such as a really good stereo system, and several extras that help to make the car’s cabin a very comfortable place to be.




The RS6 isn’t the least expensive car in this sector. Insurance runs high, and running costs won’t be cheap either. Even if you choose the more fuel efficient diesel engine.

The front passengers have adequate head and legroom, while rear passengers also enjoy plenty of space. The boot is fairly large and can accommodate most reasonably sized packages.

The controls in the cabin are excellent. They are clearly labeled and easy to find. They are all logically placed. The car’s Multi Media Interface system controls vehicle navigation and audio settings. The cabin has a simple yet quality feel.

The RS6 is excellent on comfort. The seats that come standard with the car are adjustable and very comfortable regardless of passenger size, cabin space is also good and most passengers should be reasonably comfortable.

Accessing the RS6 is not difficult to access at all. Access is straight forward and shouldn’t pose any problems. The boot is easily accessible too, and very practically sized with a wide aperture.

The RS6 is a super easy car to park. It provides great all-round visibility, and comes equipped with both front and rear parking sensors. The car’s steering is light and helps out a lot when it comes to parking.


Life Style

The RS6 is a fairly expensive car that delivers driving excitement with a powerful engine. The braking system on the RS6 is also excellent, suspension is good, and the grip is top-notch. The steering occasionally feels a little lacking, but over all the RS6 delivers a very decent ride.

The RS6 would make a good family car too. It provides plenty of room for all of its passengers and could easily accommodate a family with smaller kids or a family with older children. The car offers plenty of boot space, and the RS6 has a lot to offer in the way of passenger comfort even on long trips.

The RS6 is not a practical first car. It is expensive to purchase and expensive to run. Even though it is an easy car to drive it offers too much power for a beginning driver, and insurance would be costly.

This is a quality car. The RS6 makes use of quality materials inside and out and that is very obvious from the look and feel of the car. The RS6 has a good public image and reflects well on Audi’s reputation for quality and reliability.


Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include a Thatcham–approved alarm system. There are other optional security add-ons available, such as; double glazed windows, and tracking devices.

The RS6 has been designed with safety in mind. The car comes equipped with the usual array of various airbags, ABS, ESP, Xenon headlights, a strong body shell, and other features that help to enhance the safety of the vehicle.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a radio/CD player as standard. The system is of good quality and produces excellent sound quality. There are some upgrades available as cost options.

Most of the interior colors are comprised of dark greys and blacks, there are lighter options available. The cabin’s chrome and silver trim keeps the cabin from feeling too dark. The instrumentation and displays have good backlighting, and leather trim comes as standard.



The RS6 comes with a high price tag, but that price is matched by the RS6’s high standard of quality and attention to detail. It’s easy to drive, comfortable, and delivers an excellent performance when driven enthusiastically. The engine also performs well regardless of choice.