Top 10 Audis

The clues in the title! This is our countdown of the top ten Audis available for you to buy today!

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is a 4×4 that oozes quality for a target price of £29,284 – £41,718. It directly competes with the BMW X3 and the Land Rover discovery, and it certainly gives them a run for their money and we would say is easily one of the best cars in the class thanks to it offering ample amounts of space for both passengers and their luggage, more so than many of its competitors. It is also one of the best equipped 4x4s out there relative to what you pay for, and it’s by no means cheap. On the other hand whilst it is expensive to buy in the first place residuals are particularly strong with the Q5, so should you want to sell it on after three years, you will get a fair whack back.

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Audi Q7

The Q7 is another 4×4 from Audi and it looks gorgeous. It doesn’t hold onto its value quite as much as the Q5 unfortunately and it is pretty pricey, but we doubt you’ll want to sell it anyway, as the Q5 gives you an absolutely mind blowing performance regardless of which engine you go for. You can get the Audi Q7 with 5, 6 or 7 seats and there is heaps of space, though having said that the back two seats are probably best suited for kids if you go down the seven seat route. The Q7 was the first of the high end brands to offer seven seats apart from the Land Rover Discovery, but now it has even more competition in the form of the Mercedes-Benz GL, the BMW X5 and the Range Rover Sport. But despite this younger competition the Q7 Still holds its own.


Audi Q3

Another member of the Quattro family, the Q3 is Audis Crossover entry which rivals the likes of the Mercedes GLA and the Range Rover Evoque. As you can imagine the Q3 has a heavy inspiration from its Q5 and Q7 relatives especially in terms of styling, to the point where it almost looks exactly the same as the Q5. As you can expect from Audi the Q3 is safe and reliable but still very fun to drive. Whilst it is smaller than the Q5, there is still just as much passenger comfort and there is good practical storage space. The Q3 should also have good residuals, so selling the Audi Q3 second hand should get you a pretty nice slice of the buying price back should you decide you want a new car.


Audi A3

The A3 is Audis offering into the highly contested and competitive premium hatch category, so they really have to bring their A game if they want to stand a chance of doing well, and that they have! The Audi A3 has moved in a subtly different direction to other Audis in that it has opted for softer suspension and greater comfort, whereas they have been known to compromise these aspects for better handling. If you prefer the idea of handling over comfort however, do not fear as you can have it with the Sport and S Line Models.


Audi A8

The Audi A8 is a luxurious saloon car that is a direct rival of the Mercedes Benz S Class. The S Class is no banger, but we believe that the Audi A8 not only matches the S-Class, but it also surpasses it. The A8 is on a completely different level when it comes to comfort, and this is before you splash out on available extras such as heated/cooled seats that have massage functions. If you aren’t sold on the saloon model but fancy the strong interior quality of the A8, you will be pleased to hear that Audi have promised the interior in the Audi A7 will be just as good. Unfortunately you don’t get a service package with the Audi A8 means you will have to shell out a fair amount of money on any maintenance you might require. Also luxury limos like the A8 don’t do great when it comes to depreciation, so you won’t have a great resale value should you sell on the Audi A8 second hand.


Audi RS5

The Audi RS5 is a premium sports coupe which rivals some tough competition in the form of the BMW M3, the Toyota GT86 and the Mercedes E class. Despite its tough competition the Audi RS5 doesn’t get overshadowed at all. The RS5 is fantastic to drive, it can do 0-62mph in only 4.6 seconds and make a lot of nice if you want it to, on the other hand it can be refined and well-mannered when the time calls. It is also a pretty practical car, especially for a coupe, as it features a 455 litre boot and a lot of clever storage space in the cabin. Residual values shouldn’t be a problem with the RS5 as it is a pretty rare model, so selling it as a second hand Audi RS5 should be pretty profitable.


Audi TT

The Audi TT doesn’t need much in the way of introduction as it has seen much popularity since it arrived on the market in 1998. The thing that attracts most people to the Audi TT was most likely its looks, however, if you consider what is behind the looks of the TT, there is a great deal more to be excited about, not just its looks. It can do 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds and it handles like a dream. Furthermore the Audi TT is cheaper than many of its rivals and it has a great resale value.


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