Audi TT Roadster

The Audi TT Roadster offers sensational styling, great performance and a high quality interior. The car’s sporty style is definitely a head-turner. The little Roadster comfortably seats two but will struggle to seat four.


The car boasts a high quality of materials inside and out. Despite the car’s high volume of sales the car still manages to remain desirable and in demand. The car’s four-wheel drive ability provides superb handling and grip.

The little Roadster is mechanically sound and beautiful on the inside and out. The car will accommodate two adults comfortably in the front seats, but the rear seats are too small to accommodate adult passengers.

The little Roadster has been on the market for over five years and still manages to steal the show. The open-top is an attention getter. The Roadster is an easy car to drive in almost any weather. The car will turn a good pace but steering may not be sharp enough for enthusiasts.

The car’s steering is more than adequate though, and the car corners well and feels solid at all times. The car is fun to drive and looks awesome. Most people do not buy Roadsters because they are seeking comfort.


The Audi TT Roadster is an expensive car to purchase, and insure. Add on a few optional extras and the price can quickly climb even higher. The price does not actually reflect the equipment being offered though and that is somewhat disappointing.

The Roadster was not designed for space. The car will adequately accommodate two adults and maybe a couple of kids in the back. The car’s boot is relatively small, but the rear seats can fold down in order to accommodate more cargo.

The car’s controls and dials are all functional and easy to use. They are of good quality and reflect well on the rest of the car’s interior. Displays are large and easy to read, and everything is logically placed.

Obviously the car was not designed for comfort. Comfort seekers may find the car’s suspension too hard. It will be fairly comfortable for front passengers. Space is better in the front seats, and the seats are supportive and comfortable. Rear passengers will not fair nearly as well on any front, and rear seats should only be used occasionally.

Accessibility to the car’s cabin is excellent for front passengers. The doors provide wide apertures and access should be unhindered to the front seats. Access to the rear seats is better when the top is down, but limited space once in doesn’t help matters much. The boot is easily accessible and shouldn’t pose any problems.

Parking the Roadster is fairly easy thanks to the car’s small size. The car’s extremities are easy to judge, and parking is made even easier with the top down. Top down parking allows for unrestricted visibility all-round.

Life Style

The Audi TT Roadster provides good driving appeal. The car provides a swift ride, a strong image, high quality and turns heads quite easily. The four-wheel drive system provides superb handling and grip. The latest 3.2 V6 model is not much faster but it does incorporate a superb automatic gearbox.

This is obviously not a family car. It is much too small to accommodate a family of any size. Even the boot is too limited to perform family duties. The car could easily be used as a fun second car to a family or even as a stylish commuter car.

This is not a good first car. The car’s initial purchase price will be more than what most first time buyers can afford, not to mention insurance will be high as well. The car may have too much power on offer for a novice driver. Other than that the car is really easy to drive.

Volvo has an excellent reputation for producing durable, reliable, high-quality products, and the TT Roadster is no different. The car has a positive image of its own and is received warmly wherever it goes. The car’s unique personality will be appealing to many buyers and spectators alike.

Security and Safety

The car comes equipped standard with remote central locking, an anti-theft device and an engine immobilizer. This is good given the car will have a lot of kerb appeal and could attract some unwanted attention.

The car’s standard safety features include front and side airbags, ESP, ABS, and EBD. The car also includes electronic traction control.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a Chorus RDS Radio/Cassette with Cover and provides good sound quality. There are other cost options available but the standard unit seems to be of adequate quality.

The car comes standard with leather upholstery, and the car’s exterior looks attractive in a variety of colours. Red accentuates the car’s fun personality and curves. The car’s specification seems low compared to the car’s asking price.


The Audi TT Roadster is designed for fun, not practicality. With that in mind buyers should know that the quick little Roadster is a blast to drive, attracts plenty of attention, and buyers won’t be disappointed.


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